The web portal is mainly devoted to the History of Medieval Philosophy but includes also Renaissance texts. It contains two main sections:


  • Media Aetas → Hermetica, Mystica Philosophica, Philosophia Orientalis, Sapientia veterum


  • Nova AetasNaturalias, Politica


Each section provides bibliographic records of works of philosophical importance.

The most relevant part is represented by texts attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, following the research initiated and conducted by Paolo Lucentini.

The database consists of digitized microfilms (about 8,000 frames) of manuscripts from the Hermetic Archive held by the Library of the Università

degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”. 


Scientific Committee: 

Simonetta Bassi, Lorenzo Bianchi, Charles Burnett, Giulio d’Onofrio, Pasquale Porro, Fiorella Retucci, Amneris Roselli, Andreas Speer, Loris Sturlese. 


Director: Antonella Sannino

Editor Media Aetas: Antonio Piccolo

Editor Nova Aetas:  Mariassunta Picardi 

English Editor: Manuela Coppola

Webmaster: Vincenzo Capasso